Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rocket phlegm

My dog got adopted. I don't think anyone I know went ahead and took him home, although I urged everyone I knew to go and get him. Now I am sad.

In other news, because of my intense illness last week, I missed a piddley 5% quiz in accounting. Without waddling off to the doctor for a doctor's note, I was unable to write this quiz. I don't know about you, dear reader, but I don't run off to the doctor every time I'm sick, unless I am sick with a sickness I can't identify, and I certainly don't pay $15 for someone else to confirm that I am sick. In conclusion, because I was not the only one who missed the quiz, and because Diane is clearly proving a point, the best I can hope for without a note is to answer a few bonus questions on the final exam. Diane was also quick to point out that answering all the questions correctly will only potentially earn you 55% on that quiz worth 5%. As her best student, I am taking a stand and NOT getting a doctor's note. I will easily finish that course with a fine mark, and the quiz she decided to play teacher's politics with won't matter. In your face Diane, no one likes you.

Earth day is next week. Bring your personal mug to Starbucks on April 22 and get a "free" tall pike place roast. Nothing is really free, you'll pay for it later I'm sure.

Have a happy Tuesday my loves. Today is the last time I have to serve or cook in that awful dining room. And if Jean Paul thinks we will sit through another one of his 20 minute rehash-the-night "meetings" he is mistaken.



Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bob Barker clearly hates puppies

I love puppies. I want a house full of puppies. And as Jen so perfectly put it today, I want enough puppies that I can scoop them up, cuddle them, then roll around in them. I love puppies, but I don't actually want a puppy. All the things I don't like about babies also apply to puppies, except they aren't entirely useless and they can move around on their own. I think puppies are a little bit more like irritating toddlers and/or 5 year old children, which are my least favourite ages of children. Ugh, awful. In my dog seeking, I came across this lovely specimen at the Cambridge Humane Society:
He is beautiful, and I want him. They have called him Chupa, which is a name that makes me think of those awful lollipops you used to find in your halloween haul - I never ate them. I would name this dog Greedo (Star Wars reference, hardcore). He is still at the humane society after at least 3 weeks. For a while he was the only one there, but now he has been joined by a funny looking basset hound. I almost think there must be something wrong with him, but I went to see him in person and he looked alright. The lady I talked to about him said he has some dog dominance issues, and since I have two other dogs, all my animals would have to come to the shelter for a "meet and greet" to make sure they don't hate each other. I love him. I think he is exactly the kind of dog I want to sit in the front seat of my smart car. I give you the following mathematical support, crudely drawn in Paint:
But since I cannot have him (already have 2 dogs in my house, father would literally kill me, etc), I urge someone else who loves a good dog to go and get him.

No knitting party tonight at the bux, we're taking a week off. I need to finish my first set of uncle Christmas mittens by sewing in all the ends, then its on to another set of the exact same mittens.