Monday, June 22, 2009

Kate + 8?

It is 8:37, and Jon and Kate plus 8 starts in 20 minutes. I am eagerly awaiting the big announcement they've been pushing all week on TLC. I've narrowed it down to the following options:

They're getting separated/divorced

They are graciously backing out of the show to save their marriage

As far as I can tell, it can only go one of those two ways. I really can't belive it's a good announcement because the previews have been so cryptic. Gawd, I just need answers, and I'm not happy about staying up until the end of the hour long show just to see what at the hub-bub is about. If I was more responsible, I would just go to sleep at 9 like I planned and check the gossip sites tomorrow for full updates.

If they just get separated/divorced, will the show go on? Will it be called Kate + 8? What will I watch on Monday nights (now that I never seem to close, ever)? I need answers!

I need a speedy shower and pj's now. I think a little knitting will soothe my nerves as I watch their future unravel (ha! knitting!)



Friday, June 19, 2009

Thinking cozy in June

Helloooooo blog readers! Are there any of you out there? Get ready to be updated on my life:


My most current project, a Christmas present for my mom. This self-striping yarn came from Romni Wools about a month ago. I'm on a serious sock-kick (HA! funny, sock and kick). Before these socks, I finished a pair for my grandpa from yarn I bought at Shall We Knit's booth at the St. Jacob's farmer's market. I knew I could find yarn from a farmer's market. Fuzzy-head just wanted produce, but I'm always on the look-out for yarn. The following pictures were taken during Fuzzy-head's graduation ceremony from college. As a good girlfriend, I was there to watch supportive-ly from the balcony and take pictures, but as a good knitter, I took the opportunity to knit in public. Spread the good word people!

In other knitting news, I love my mother for belonging to a craft book club where they harass her monthly to purchase books, because then I get great finds like these:

I have only briefly flipped through these two - I only just tore open the box when I came home 20 minutes ago. I am VERY excited to find the perfect next sock pattern for the yarn I already bought for socks. I am also excited for whoever is fortunate enough to have a baby next - you're getting hand-knitted baby things from me. On that note, the updated Christmas knitting list is as follows:

Grandpa - very manly traditional man socks - DONE
Grandma - Over-the-top tea cozy and french press cozy
Uncles - Flippy-top mittens in manly tweed - DONE
Aunt - undecided still, maybe socks?
Great aunt - something lady-like and pretty for an old British lady (and light, for cheap shipping)
Momma - self-striping socks as pictured above - 3/4 DONE
Daddy - Manly man socks in a colour that perfectly matches his pants (boring beige)
Tam Tam - pinky-purple girlie socks
Fuzzy-head - green/blue/brown socks in a manly pattern as selected by himself

I have also graduated from college, I have a big girl job in the sense that I work 40 hours a week, but I am still paid hourly. My promotion is in the works, I have heard promising rumours about incompetent managers. Soon my pretties, soon. BUT, as a way to keep me quiet while I wait, I start coffee master training on Monday. I'm gunna look so hot in that black apron.

It's 5:00 lovies, I have laundry, knitting, and dinner to accomplish.