Friday, January 30, 2009

A wonderful, magical animal

Waiting on hold to confirm a rental order - there we go, my fears have been confirmed. Linen companies in the area only carry plain-Jane boring solid linen colours, and the red and white checkered gingham could be difficult to find. Whatever, I will work with what I am given and it won't make much of a difference. I plan to take pictures of my event and post a little blog about it. I'm not terribly nervous right now because it doesn't seem like I can do much else. I bought or rented all the decor and plates I needed, I gave my recipes to someone else to take care of, and all that's left is showing up and doing it. Most of the work has been done, and I have people to do the dirty jobs for me. I'm very glad I'm not cooking, cooking is my least favourite school activity. I was sous chef last week and I was happy over all. We were organized, and I told everyone what to do and had things done on time, and Chef said I came across as very organized, etc. I wasn't happy with the plate presentation, but everyone had clearly left it to me to create something wonderful, and that's just not my bag. Fingers crossed until after Tuesday, then it's smooth sailing til the end of the semester.

In knitting news, I am furiously working away on the Orientation scarf. It's a monster; the picture did not show scale very well, and I have myself a giant scarf that's a bit more than a foot wide. Worsted weight was not the best choice, but I'm sticking with it. I'm almost done one logo, only 7 more to go if I do the whole thing. I might stop at 6 logos, just because I don't want the scarf to end up being a giant novelty scarf that no normal person would wear. Pictures soon, I'm really trying to be a better blogger, and I feel like pictures make a blog better.

It's time to knit and ignore my responsibilities. Mmmm, weekend.



Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm missing the chili cook-off!

Construction has begun on the LOST orientation scarf for Fuzzy-head. This one will take me a while I predict. I have 8 logos to complete, each row is 47 stitches wide, BUT, you really have to double that because it's double knitting and twice as much yarn is being used for everything. Once my ridiculous school troubles are behind me, I will have all the time in the world to knit (I assume).

School done in April, but my biggest concerns for the year have come up in these first 4 weeks. My restaurant/dining room class this semester requires me to take charge of the dining room and be my own boss. I have to plan all the details, including ordering special food and decor for my day. Ugh. In addition to this, I have to be the sous chef for someone else's day. With my good luck, I happened to get them both within the first 3 weeks of class. I am sous chef tomorrow (and I'm terrified), and I am bossman next week. I almost think that being in charge of the whole day will be easier than being in charge of the kitchen. I feel good about my day, I've got all my ducks lined up, but I'm worried about being such a big part of someone else's day when she's counting on me to create the food that defines the evening.

In other news, I will be monumentally old soon. In two days. T-minus two days until mega old.

Until we meet again,



Monday, January 19, 2009

Many a Christmas knit

I feel guilty for my lack of love to my blog. But I also hope that this year I will find more time for knitting, and thus find more time for blogging. My fall semester was brutal because they crammed 4 months of learnin' into two months. This semester, I only have class 4 days a week, and on many days, only one class with lots of free time around it. Things are coming up Milhouse!

And now I present holiday knitting in all its glory:

Felted stocking for Fuzzy-head, as this was his first Christmas on his own in his own little house with his own little Christmas tree, and he needed a big bad stocking. I made this in less than 24 hours after I finished all my other Christmas knitting but still thought I could fit in one more thing. Pattern from AlterKnits Felted book. I hastily jotted down the bare-bones of the pattern when I was on my last knitting field trip with Anonymous. I wasn't about to buy a whole book for one pattern, that's silly.

I did not knit this one, or the next one. Slimmers created this purple hat to match the purple mitts and other purple accessories she got for Christmas. She made this hat in two days, most impressive for her, she usually takes a million years to finish anything.

The first hat Slimmers created hastily, this one was a last-minute Christmas gift for her friend. I was most impressed that she chose a Star Wars pattern. Love love love it.

My pride and joy, these are my Brooklyn Tweed mittens from the cover of Vogue Knitting. Made them in a lovely sock yarn, and told Tam Tam she can't wear them until the spring because they aren't very hearty mittens.

Slimmers purple mittens, also from Vogue Knitting, I was a bit disappointed that one turned out a lot tighter than the other, but overall, I like them a lot. I ended up following the structural pattern for my let it snow mittens and just using the pattern for the purple and white because the mitten itself was turning out oddly. I really hated the thumb they wanted me to use because it had no thumb gusset. In the end, a most enjoyable knit.

Next projects: A full year of knitting in preparation for next Christmas! I never give gifts to my extended family, but I figure everyone could use a little hand-made something now and then. The gift list is as follows:

Grandmother - tea cozy and french press cozy
Grandpa - manly socks
Uncles - flip-top mittens in a manly tweed
Aunts - functional scarf with hood attached
Other grandmother - pretty and not very practical scarf/shoulderette
Great Aunt - tea cozy

**Note: both other grandmother and great aunt live overseas and will require light weight gifts to save on shipping. Also, they are old British women who are very traditional and need traditional gifts.

I have found patterns galore on Ravelry and now I need to get shopping.

I love knitting, and I missed my blog. A merry new year to all, expect to see projects galore from me soon.