Friday, January 30, 2009

A wonderful, magical animal

Waiting on hold to confirm a rental order - there we go, my fears have been confirmed. Linen companies in the area only carry plain-Jane boring solid linen colours, and the red and white checkered gingham could be difficult to find. Whatever, I will work with what I am given and it won't make much of a difference. I plan to take pictures of my event and post a little blog about it. I'm not terribly nervous right now because it doesn't seem like I can do much else. I bought or rented all the decor and plates I needed, I gave my recipes to someone else to take care of, and all that's left is showing up and doing it. Most of the work has been done, and I have people to do the dirty jobs for me. I'm very glad I'm not cooking, cooking is my least favourite school activity. I was sous chef last week and I was happy over all. We were organized, and I told everyone what to do and had things done on time, and Chef said I came across as very organized, etc. I wasn't happy with the plate presentation, but everyone had clearly left it to me to create something wonderful, and that's just not my bag. Fingers crossed until after Tuesday, then it's smooth sailing til the end of the semester.

In knitting news, I am furiously working away on the Orientation scarf. It's a monster; the picture did not show scale very well, and I have myself a giant scarf that's a bit more than a foot wide. Worsted weight was not the best choice, but I'm sticking with it. I'm almost done one logo, only 7 more to go if I do the whole thing. I might stop at 6 logos, just because I don't want the scarf to end up being a giant novelty scarf that no normal person would wear. Pictures soon, I'm really trying to be a better blogger, and I feel like pictures make a blog better.

It's time to knit and ignore my responsibilities. Mmmm, weekend.



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