Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It all started with a big BANG

Welcome readers! I have been a busy bee organizing all my yarn and trying to make my space a little less cluttered. I recently went on another knitting field trip adventure, and bought more yarn I probably don't NEED, but most certainly WANTED. When I got everything home, I realized that every ball of yarn I own was scattered around my house, usually in the bag I originally bought it in. I was disappointed with myself for not getting on this sooner, so I went back out shopping, and purchased 4 baskets with fabric liners (so I don't snag all my pretty new yarn) and I got to organizing. I went all out. It took me a solid day of winding, cataloging, and sneezing to get to this stage:

The sneezing was mostly just from my room being dusty, and from any yarny fibers floating around in the air. I now store all my yarn upstairs in my room, away from dogs and sister and parents with no appreciation for yarn indulgences. The fourth basket on the end is filled with finished projects and my newly acquired knitting tools. This basket is currently home to my pile of finished Christmas gifts. These include:

A rosie posy tea cozy for Oni

A french press cozy for Oni

A pair of delicious self striping socks for Momma

Two pairs of flippy mitts (only one pictured here) for my uncles

Tam Tam's pretty lacey lady socks

Grandpa's manly man socks

I've also been organizing on Ravelry, trying to make use of some of the cataloging tools. I organized my stash with index cards, each one featuring the original ball band, and a sample of the yarn to which it belongs. I like my system, it's very hands-on, and very accessible to me. I tried to set up the Ravelry one, but it looked like it would take more effort than I wanted to put in right now. I did update my projects though, everything has a picture except for the two things I am currently working on, and I hope to fix that later today.

My current projects now include the boring brown socks for dad (almost done the first sock) and the lacey shawl/scarfs for the relatives I don't care for. I have piles of other yarn for projects I'm dreaming up. These projects aren't really for anyone, but here's what I would like to make soon:
  • Clothes for my naked teddy bears. Any clothes really, they just need something and I've had my bear book for months now
  • Baby hooded sweater, for no baby in particular, just to have around to give to someone
  • Baby booties, again for no baby in particular, but I have a cute idea to make bootie set out of a lovely bunch of cotton yarns that I picked up on sale
  • Christening gown for Tammy's one-day babies. We all know she'll have them eventually, and she's the type to get them baptized
I think I need some lunch now readers, then it's back to stash organizing, project planning, and maybe a little actual knitting.