Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dennis Quaid wants a coffee!!

Knitting news and updates!  Get ready for the yarn:
This sweater vest was started literally a million years ago after my very first knitting field trip to the big city.  I bought Sensual Knits by Yahaira Ferreira and this seemed like the quickest project to satisfy my need to create a hand knitted garment.  I bought a cotton/angora blend by Debbie Bliss on clearance from Herrschners, and as it turns out, didn’t quite buy enough.  I bought 5 balls, and I came so very close to the end of that last ball that I nearly cried.  I had it in two pieces ready to stitch together when I realized how little was left.  I put the whole project aside for a long time, and got the courage to pick it up and use the last of the yarn to try and finish it.  It turns out I had just enough to sew the shoulders and sides, and pick up a few rows around the neckline to finish.  I used every single scrap of yarn for that neckline, some of them were so short I only got 3 or 4 stitches out of the piece.  Picking up a border around the sleeves was optional (although I wish I had enough to do it), so I left it as I had it.  Voila!  Stylin’ green sweater vest.
My ribbed bolero, made using the angora/wool blend yarn that Tam Tam got me for Christmas.  I only had three balls of it, so I needed a project to show off how gorgeous and soft the yarn is, but also be small enough to use just 3 balls.  This project was perfect.  It used the exact right amount of yarn, and it was a super fast knit.  I think I finished this one in a week.
Moving right along with my new love for spinning, I am finally able to take the bag of beautiful orange wool and turn it in to yarn.  I got this for Christmas along with my learn to spin kit, and now I know how to use it!  Yay!  This is spinning up pretty thin, so I’ll get a lot of yardage for my 100 grams.  I’ll see how much I get out of this bag before deciding on a project, but I’m in no rush.  I like having a spinning project available on the side for when I’m in the mood.
It’s been a while since I actually finished this, but this is my very first handspun that I made in my spinning class.  It’s a white corridale wool that we dyed in a crock pot.  I chose oranges and yellows for this yarn, although now I don’t know what to make with it.  It’s a little over 50 grams, but it’s my first handspun baby, and I need a special project to show off the wool.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!
My latest and current project, this is my honeycomb blanket that is helping to use up the Bernat SuperValue I originally purchased for Fuzzyhead’s LOST scarf.  The Lost scarf got frogged, so this is recycling and re-using at its best.  I love the texture of this blanket, and that I don’t have to use more than one colour at a time (the gathered sections of grey are slipped when you work the white, and then knitted when you do the grey sections to hold it together and pull it into the honeycomb shape).  It’s going to be a cute little lap blanket, or maybe even a baby blanket for a deserving youngster.
Another update from my finished spinning class.  This is my completed colour wheel set of yarns – all carded (we only had primary colour rovings to work with), spun, and plied.  It took me a while to decide on a project to display this practice work.  I’ve decided on a wreath made of little rainbow coloured sheep – each colour will be knit into a small ball and stuffed, then a little sheep face and feet will be attached to each one.  It’ll be cute, I promise.  This one is kind of on the back burner right now while I get my groove back in to socks.
This will be delicious yoga socks – no toe and no heel for good grip on the mat.  This yarns matches my green bamboo yoga mat and I’m excited to finish them and show them off at class.
Happy knitting my lovelies!  Love your mothers tomorrow.