Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Keeping my cool

Knitting updates!
Picked up and finished some impulse projects.  I made a pair of yoga socks for myself, Tam Tam, and for Yoga Mike.  I improvised my own pattern using a base pattern from my toe-up sock book, and just left out the toe and heel.  The patterns I saw on Ravelry for yoga socks were kind of awful and boring – just a plain ribbed sock without toe and heel and no interest whatsoever.  I think the socks I made are much more interesting.
My other impulse speedy knit is Kassa’s dog sweater.  Kassa is Slim Jim’s new dog who was given to us by one of my former sbux managers who needed a good home for her.  She’s a very svelte Walker Hound with big floppy ears and poor body heat production.  I made the sweater in about 3 days, and it’s pretty adorable.  No pictures yet because I was so excited to give it to Slim Jim and make Kassa wear it that I forgot to snap a few.  Slim Jim promised she will force Kassa into it once it’s not deathly hot outside.
In person news, I am moving again.  Fuzzyhead and I decided not to stick around with out inconsistent and unreliable landlord to find out what was happening with our current home.  We were never on a lease (because we’re stupid), and when we asked for a lease, we were told they couldn’t because they didn’t know what was happening with the sale of the house.  We live in a semi and the property was split in May so they could sell the two units separately (and get a lot more money than selling them together).  Selling either home was not even mentioned when we agreed to rent starting in March, and by April, the house next door was up for sale.  We asked for firm answers about whether we would have to move, or if we could have a lease guaranteeing that we would be safe where we were, and we were turned down every time.  He was super surprised when we told him we were leaving to find something more stable.  He was banking on us staying in the house and paying his mortgage for him until he could sell it and tell us to leave.  I don’t like renting.
On the bright side, we found a great place to move into for September 1, with lots of character and a few more perks than our current home.  We’ll have two bathrooms now, and a fenced yard with a deck.  The rent is a little more than what we pay now, but we’re cancelling cable which will free up some cash each month.  Cable is disappointingly expensive for what you get, and we’re better off with our vast collection of TV shows on DVD.
Happy knitting!