Saturday, August 6, 2011

You’re turning violet, Violet!

It’s August.  It’s hot outside.  And I’ve been knitting.
First up, my adventures in stranded colourwork.  I bought a whole bunch of cheapie KnitPicks Palette yarn earlier this year, in order to make my cupcake mittens.  By MY cupcake mittens, I mean these adorable little things that SpillyJane designed, which I just had to make.  I was originally thinking about making a go at the pattern without buying it, but it seemed messy and tricky, and I decided to support a designer while also getting myself a set of guidelines that are tested and proven.  I’m a pretty good little mitten-maker, but I didn’t want to chance it.
These are the colours I bought, not exactly the ones that the pattern suggests, but pretty damn close:
I used Palette DK yarn in (from top, clockwise): cotton candy, bison, cream, custard, bark, serrano, and mist as the main colour.
Voila!  One left mitten, made in just under a week.  I really think my colourwork has improved since my first attempt at stranded knitting in 2008 with the Let it Snow mittens from Vogue Knitting.  While I love them dearly, I didn’t have the knack of my tension yet, and there are puckered spots that just won’t quit.  So far, my cupcake mittens are looking good!
But as I’m sure we all know, stranded colourwork where the colour changes every two rows will mean mountains of spaghetti to weave in later.  Ugh.  I haven’t even thought about tackling this yet, I’m waiting until they’re both completely done.
Why hello pretty little slippers!  These are my new wearin’-around-the-house slippers, since Fuzzyhead doesn’t think that Birks are appropriate for indoor wearing.  I made them up in one evening, and felted them in the machine (top loaders are still good for something, thanks landlord Corey!).  I bought a slipper bottom patch kit from KnitPicks forever ago and now the bottoms won’t wear through like my last slippers.  Even with super thick felted material, you’d be amazed at the damage your feet will do to a pair of slippers – the pair I made last summer only lasted until Christmas.
Remember that adorable owl sweater for an August baby?  Baby was born yesterday, but looks way too tiny for that sweater, what a disappointment.  I think I’ll have to wait until winter to get a baby-in-sweater shot.  But here’s a baby to tide you over:
I also whipped off another pair of slippers, these ones are for Slim Jim for Christmas, shhh!  Don’t tell her I put them on my feet to model them either.
Do you remember this dear readers?  My very own handspun, the most I’ve ever done?  Refresh your memories, and then prepare to be amazed!
I made a whole garment!  It’s a shrug, your basic rectangle turned into a circle deal, with a pretty ostrich plume lace pattern.  Love it, and totally worthy of the handspun.  I have yet to wear it, as you may have noticed, it’s not sweater weather yet.  I’m jonesin’ for fall.
And my last knitting update, my newest on-the-go project started this morning – another pair of yoga socks.  These ones come from the yarn that was generously donated by Fruwho.  I hope someone will love them and want them and give me money for them.  I like that part most of all.
I decided on a flower lace pattern to go with the cheery colour.  My yoga sock process has been refined to keep it simple and quick, I only do the pattern on the front of the sock, and I do the back in simple stockinette.  If I stick with it, I can made a pair in a about two weeks.
In my personal world, Fuzzyhead and I have put together a blog about our adventures in trying to buy a house.  Shameless promotion, go check it out!
That’s all I got lovies.