Sunday, December 27, 2009

The cast from Glee sings it all!

Merry Christmas readers! A few knitting related pictures to post following my merriest Christmas to date. 
My latest interest – spinning my own yarn!  This is the learn to spin kit from Lily Lee’s Wool and Tea on King Street in Preston
The raw wool, in a beautiful orange, still with bits of sheep attached
A close-up of my new learning spinner thinger
My guide to learning the fine art of spinning
I’m trying out the blog feature included with Windows 7 on my new laptop.  I bought myself a Dell in early December, and I’m still getting used to its many weird and different features from Windows XP.  I don’t even have to log into Blogger to update my blog, so perhaps that means I’ll update a little more frequently.

I spent my precious Christmas baking hours making handcrafted gingerbread baristas for my two favourite starbucks stores.  They are surrounded by a ring of brown sugar buttons, which are my favourite cookie of all time.  I delivered them on Christmas day, and both stores were lined up to the door.  Terrible.  I chose to not buy anything at Starbucks on Christmas – I don’t want to encourage them to be open next year. 
My newest post-Christmas knitting project is a little baby sweater from vintage baby knits.  It is the only knitting pattern I’ve ever used where I have the same yarn the pattern recommends.  I didn’t even mean to do it, I just picked something up at Shall We Knit because it was on sale in the summer, and it turned out to be the same stuff in the book.  Neato.  I worked on it at Fuzzyhead’s extended family Christmas last night, and had to fight off allegations of baby-having.  Terrible.  No babies please.  They can start hassling the 30-something cousin and leave me alone.
I leave you with this dear readers: A little bit of Christmas dog, featuring Sassy and Oscar.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Trampoline is a not a substitute for parent supervision

I am trying to be a better dog person. I have taken Oscar and Sassy out for a walk every day since Oscar arrived. I'm trying really hard to keep this up, I know it is best for their dog brains if I establish my pack leader abilities every day to keep them in line. I'm also trying to smoosh their faces together to make them lifelong friends. Right now they don't really enjoy each others' company, but Sassy likes Oscar more than she ever liked Tammy's puppy. I have them both on the spare bed in my office/crap storage room. They have a solid 2 feet of space between them, and it's all Sassy's doing. Oscar would love to cuddle and be friends with everyone; Sassy just needs a push in the right direction.

Made pink lady squares with Purple this morning. Wish we had done them last night, they really didn't get quite enough time to set. The coconut layer has to bake, then cool completely to stick all the layers together, then you ice with pink icing, and cut into squares. The graham crumbs kind fell off some, but I think Purple was very pleased. She was taking her squares to share with the teachers at her school for a pot luck lunch.

Two more Starbucks days to go readers. My last day will be filled with small children and parade things. I think I am sampling all day to the crowds, and I plan on wearing reindeer antlers and or a Santa hat, just because I can. The drive-thru will be completely closed during parade time since no cars can get in or out of the parking lot. I'm glad. I won't miss drive-thru.

Sourcing out a new laptop for work and general use. I am not a Toshiba fan, it has let me down too many times. I will keep the clunker I have for a bit longer, as I don't have any money set aside for a new laptop right now. I'm leaning towards a Dell. Diaper Dan says good things about them, and I can customize it with all the things I need. I'll be carting my laptop back and forth to work, using it to store pictures and type proposals for customers. Eeeee, big girl job!

How soon is too soon to send out Christmas cards? I found a good deal on some really cute ones and I am psyched to send them to everyone I know. I think I need to wait until December to send them, yes? Feedback please.



Monday, November 9, 2009

Snoozy puppies

Hello lovies!

It's been a while, I know, but I have a few major updates:

My big brown dog passed away on September 19, 2009. We had her put down after months of just really not being her old self, and suffering from a long list of problems. I miss Kishka.

I am a pro-star dog walker. Sassy and I are a force to be reckoned with on dog walks. Although, I recently discovered that she doesn't walk nearly as nicely with other people as she does with me. Slim Jim and Diaper Dan joined us for a walk this week and she was squirrely and stupid and barked at people - all are things she never does with me.

Proof that Sassy does anything I tell her to

Using my pro-star abilities, I joined another dog to our team and he is learning the ways of the dog walk. Welcome Oscar, Sassy will learn to love you in time. Oscar came to us from a friend of my mom's, whose neighbour passed away leaving a dog with no home. He has a loving home at my house now.

Oscar with a completed Sackboy for James

Christmas knitting is 98% complete - I am just finishing the last sock for Fuzzyhead. I have a long list of things to knit for myself as soon as I finish all my Christmas knitting. I don't think I'll be doing this again any time soon. My plan for next year is to make simple knitted ornaments for everyone, which will take a lot less time, I'm assuming.

French press cozy for Oni

Momma's self-striping socks

Grandpa's man socks

Poppa's boring brown socks, with interesting cabled ribbing

Wisp shawl - I made two of these for two relatives, the other one is in a very nice royal blue

I have given my notice at the bux, and my last day will be this Saturday, Santa Claus parade day. I have kept my decision to myself, but I know word gets around fast, and I anticipate having to explain my choice all week until I am gone. This has been coming on for a while now, I just finally had all my ducks in line to do it. I will be going to work with my mom full time. I hope that by working with her, I can free her up to do a lot more, and maybe we can build our sales back to what they could be. We had a bad year, but having only two people on staff full time makes it tricky to get the food out, and respond to people who are hoping to get food in a timely manner. My primary job will be responding to inquiries and meeting with people, which frees up momma to do the cooking again. I'm excited for my big-girl job, with a big-girl title, and big-girl business cards with my name on them. I can get my nails done again, and wear pretty things to work. Goodbye Starbucks, I will miss you.

Halloween is done and gone, but I didn't get to truly share this year's pumpkin masterpiece with my public yet:
Harry Potter and friends

Next up, Christmas season! Fuzzyhead and I have plans for a fun-filled December, including:
  • Visit to a heritage village for Christmas fun, old-timey style
  • Building a snowman
  • Decorating Fuzzyhead's tree and apartment
  • Christmas baking
  • Christmas Ikea shopping - not really different from regular Ikea shopping
And now I must get myself ready for my last Monday at work. Have a lovely week dear readers.



Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It all started with a big BANG

Welcome readers! I have been a busy bee organizing all my yarn and trying to make my space a little less cluttered. I recently went on another knitting field trip adventure, and bought more yarn I probably don't NEED, but most certainly WANTED. When I got everything home, I realized that every ball of yarn I own was scattered around my house, usually in the bag I originally bought it in. I was disappointed with myself for not getting on this sooner, so I went back out shopping, and purchased 4 baskets with fabric liners (so I don't snag all my pretty new yarn) and I got to organizing. I went all out. It took me a solid day of winding, cataloging, and sneezing to get to this stage:

The sneezing was mostly just from my room being dusty, and from any yarny fibers floating around in the air. I now store all my yarn upstairs in my room, away from dogs and sister and parents with no appreciation for yarn indulgences. The fourth basket on the end is filled with finished projects and my newly acquired knitting tools. This basket is currently home to my pile of finished Christmas gifts. These include:

A rosie posy tea cozy for Oni

A french press cozy for Oni

A pair of delicious self striping socks for Momma

Two pairs of flippy mitts (only one pictured here) for my uncles

Tam Tam's pretty lacey lady socks

Grandpa's manly man socks

I've also been organizing on Ravelry, trying to make use of some of the cataloging tools. I organized my stash with index cards, each one featuring the original ball band, and a sample of the yarn to which it belongs. I like my system, it's very hands-on, and very accessible to me. I tried to set up the Ravelry one, but it looked like it would take more effort than I wanted to put in right now. I did update my projects though, everything has a picture except for the two things I am currently working on, and I hope to fix that later today.

My current projects now include the boring brown socks for dad (almost done the first sock) and the lacey shawl/scarfs for the relatives I don't care for. I have piles of other yarn for projects I'm dreaming up. These projects aren't really for anyone, but here's what I would like to make soon:
  • Clothes for my naked teddy bears. Any clothes really, they just need something and I've had my bear book for months now
  • Baby hooded sweater, for no baby in particular, just to have around to give to someone
  • Baby booties, again for no baby in particular, but I have a cute idea to make bootie set out of a lovely bunch of cotton yarns that I picked up on sale
  • Christening gown for Tammy's one-day babies. We all know she'll have them eventually, and she's the type to get them baptized
I think I need some lunch now readers, then it's back to stash organizing, project planning, and maybe a little actual knitting.



Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Headphones to match

Hello lovies! I have news! Wonderful KnitPicks news! Yesterday, my long-awaited package of goodies I ordered from KnitPicks arrived! Watch as I unpack each delicious item:

All pictures were taken in Slim Jim's room, spare arms seen in the background belong to Diaper Dan, Slim Jim's beau.

Immediately after opening all my new toys, I got right to work, winding balls of sock yarn for easy pull-from-the-centre convenience, blocking socks, gearing up for chart-reading fun, storing notions, etc

Slim Jim's birthday also fell on July 28 and I suppose my gifts arriving in the mail was not the real highlight of the day - I also made her a bitchin' "coffee" cake! Observe!

The handle is made of cardboard and covered in icing. The cake is rainbow chip box cake (Slim Jim's favourite), lemon curd filling, and purple supersweet icing.

New green headphones to match my green ipod. I am the most pathetic ipod owner ever. I really only bought it for dog-jogs and walks with Sassy, I occasionally pop it on when washing dishes or doing housework/writing blogs (like now). My music selection barely takes up 3 GB of its 8GB memory. I think one day I would like one of those ipod docks that plays your music, so I don't have to get caught up in the strings while I'm working around the house.

Fuzzyhead bought a fish tank today - 10 whole gallons of fish fun will be had on Friday when he can finally put fish in it. I helped add the water. I would also like to help name his new little school of fishies - my vote is for Star Wars names.

Three pairs of socks done. Just finished the lacey lady socks for Tam Tam (finished these while babysitting. If you know me at all, that's just funny). The lacey lady socks are waiting their turn with my new sock blockers. In the meantime, last night I start Dad's manly man socks - plain beige, but with a tasteful and manly cable pattern from my toe-up sock book.

Saw Kill Bill volumes 1 and 2 last night - not impressed. I really didn't enjoy it, and I'm glad I didn't get sucked into the Kill Bill frenzy in high school. Fight scenes and car chases are boring, and the second movie was slower than slow. If you enjoy this movie, keep it to yourself, because I will make fun of you.

Must prepare for knitting tonight - Purple is joining us again, and so is B.wyn's sister and maybe even B.wyn herself. Of all nights, Catherine may not be coming today, or might only be stopping by for a little while (she's entertaining a non-knitting friend tonight). Come on team, we're so close to having a real weekly group!



Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My dog is trapped on the lower level of my house

Greetings my lovelies! I have been busy knitting again with Christmas gifts galore, and I will now share my accomplishments from the last two weeks. I present my story, told in pictures:

I love this book, toe-up socks have changed my life

Me, being extra clever and weighing out the yarn to split it in two balls for two perfectly similar socks. I actually weighed the yarn on a less interesting looking kitchen scale, but I threw it on this old-timey one just for the effect

My bare leg and the very beginnings of Tam Tam's lacey girly sock. It was a not getting dressed kind of day and I am sporting my Homer Simpson men's boxer short pj bottoms. I used Judy's Magic Cast-on for my toe, but I did it with my double-pointed needles rather than going out and buying a small enough circular needle. It was a tad awkward, but very doable.

The beginnings of a real toe!

Don't tell Tam Tam I put her sock on my foot, but it was too tempting not to try it on and relish in the awesome that is toe-up sock creation

The heel is turned! It really helped to have an understanding of sock construction before trying to turn the heel in a different style. If this was the first sock I ever made, I think I would have had difficulties.

The first sock is now complete and I am working on sock #2. The first one goes up to about mid-calve, which I think is very lady-like and elegant. I hope Tam Tam wears these when she re-enacts old-timey things at the heritage village.

Still waiting for my sweet sweet promotion, but I've started looking at what else is out there and what they might consider paying me to do it. I sent a quick email to one job posting, and the woman just wanted to see my resume. I was really only interested in finding out more about the job before I considered it seriously, but I sent off my resume and asked if I could meet with her to learn more about the job. She in turn must think I am retarded, and made a point of telling me she is only collecting resumes now and will be scheduling interviews later. Now she thinks I am an impatient and pushy boob who had the nerve to demand an interview. Way to go Tor Tor.

Ordered another year subscription to Bitch magazine. I missed it, and I can't always find it at Chapters on my breaks, so I'm buying my own for much less than the cover price. I also ordered a very nice Bitch magazine tote to carry around all my knitting. I'm excited to receive gifts I bought for myself in the mail. Just like Christmas!

Busy night at work last night, the tween-agers were in full force for the midnight release of Harry Potter. The Tuesday night schedule did not account for all the extra activity when it was written three weeks ago, but I had a good crew. If it was a sub-par crew I think I would have sat in a corner and cried. I am eager to see Harry Potter, but I would never go to the midnight show - I get sleepy after 11pm (10pm if I'm being honest with myself) and I don't like crowds. There's always some dink in the theatre who doesn't believe in inside voices during a movie, and these people are especially attracted to popular movies in their first few weeks after release. I'll wait a while, thanks.

Shout outs to Anonymous, we miss you at knitting, but we carry on your spirit. Gail is learning how to knit tonight, so maybe we can rope in another one.



Monday, June 22, 2009

Kate + 8?

It is 8:37, and Jon and Kate plus 8 starts in 20 minutes. I am eagerly awaiting the big announcement they've been pushing all week on TLC. I've narrowed it down to the following options:

They're getting separated/divorced

They are graciously backing out of the show to save their marriage

As far as I can tell, it can only go one of those two ways. I really can't belive it's a good announcement because the previews have been so cryptic. Gawd, I just need answers, and I'm not happy about staying up until the end of the hour long show just to see what at the hub-bub is about. If I was more responsible, I would just go to sleep at 9 like I planned and check the gossip sites tomorrow for full updates.

If they just get separated/divorced, will the show go on? Will it be called Kate + 8? What will I watch on Monday nights (now that I never seem to close, ever)? I need answers!

I need a speedy shower and pj's now. I think a little knitting will soothe my nerves as I watch their future unravel (ha! knitting!)



Friday, June 19, 2009

Thinking cozy in June

Helloooooo blog readers! Are there any of you out there? Get ready to be updated on my life:


My most current project, a Christmas present for my mom. This self-striping yarn came from Romni Wools about a month ago. I'm on a serious sock-kick (HA! funny, sock and kick). Before these socks, I finished a pair for my grandpa from yarn I bought at Shall We Knit's booth at the St. Jacob's farmer's market. I knew I could find yarn from a farmer's market. Fuzzy-head just wanted produce, but I'm always on the look-out for yarn. The following pictures were taken during Fuzzy-head's graduation ceremony from college. As a good girlfriend, I was there to watch supportive-ly from the balcony and take pictures, but as a good knitter, I took the opportunity to knit in public. Spread the good word people!

In other knitting news, I love my mother for belonging to a craft book club where they harass her monthly to purchase books, because then I get great finds like these:

I have only briefly flipped through these two - I only just tore open the box when I came home 20 minutes ago. I am VERY excited to find the perfect next sock pattern for the yarn I already bought for socks. I am also excited for whoever is fortunate enough to have a baby next - you're getting hand-knitted baby things from me. On that note, the updated Christmas knitting list is as follows:

Grandpa - very manly traditional man socks - DONE
Grandma - Over-the-top tea cozy and french press cozy
Uncles - Flippy-top mittens in manly tweed - DONE
Aunt - undecided still, maybe socks?
Great aunt - something lady-like and pretty for an old British lady (and light, for cheap shipping)
Momma - self-striping socks as pictured above - 3/4 DONE
Daddy - Manly man socks in a colour that perfectly matches his pants (boring beige)
Tam Tam - pinky-purple girlie socks
Fuzzy-head - green/blue/brown socks in a manly pattern as selected by himself

I have also graduated from college, I have a big girl job in the sense that I work 40 hours a week, but I am still paid hourly. My promotion is in the works, I have heard promising rumours about incompetent managers. Soon my pretties, soon. BUT, as a way to keep me quiet while I wait, I start coffee master training on Monday. I'm gunna look so hot in that black apron.

It's 5:00 lovies, I have laundry, knitting, and dinner to accomplish.



Sunday, May 10, 2009

Just coffee

Good morning team!

It is Sunday morning again, and again I am working up to the right mindset to go for my dog jog. It's a little chilly out today, but I'll go in the next hour, once breakfast is digested. The big dog is having hip problems again, but I haven't seen her limping along on our walks yet. I try not to go too fast for her, and we balance out all the jogging with walking. Other dog is fine with everything, except she poops on every walk, usually more than once.

Saw Star trek last night. As someone who has never really seen the original series (or cared much about it for that matter) I enjoyed the movie as a movie. I understood the references to the quirky character things they all did, and it's always nice to see a movie that explains how things happened and where they came from. I did not like the Elvis look-a-like sitting behind us who talked through the entire movie. His comments were mega lame too, I think I could have been a little more understanding if he was at least making intelligent observations. A sampling of his chatter:

(reading the titles on screen) "Iowa!"
"Oh! That's gunna leave a mark! But he's got so many other scars on his face, he won't notice!"

Fuzzy-head even turned around at one point and asked them to stop talking. One of his friends stopped (or at least switched to whispering), but Elvis was quiet for a moment then continued chatting away. I don't understand how you can be as old as he was and not know that you don't talk during a movie.

Slim Jim saw the same movie, but instead of obnoxious people, her theatre smelled like unwashed nerd. I think the true die-hards come out to star trek movies. The much more awesome Star Wars adventures at least had normal-ish people in the theatre.

Before the star trek adventure of the day, Fuzzy-head and I went to the farmer's market. I found a lovely sock yarn for grandpa's Christmas socks at the Shall We Knit? stand. It's blue-grey-brown coloured (very manly) and I found a neutral looking sock, worked from the toe down. I am eager to start work on them. I didn't have needles with me at Fuzzy-head's house so I had to settle for rolling the yarn into balls. Fuzzy-head had to hold his arms out and keep my yarn from getting tangled. That ridiculous and expensive contraption that rolls yarns into balls for you seems like a worthwhile investment.

Going for a dog jog now,



Sunday, May 3, 2009

Get up and Go-Go

Good morning my lovelies!

It is Sunday morning, I am awake before everyone else. I am thinking about a dog jog before the day has the potential to get warm. I am also thinking about knitting projects and the things I should be accomplishing. I am on to the second pair of mittens for the year of knitting Christmas presents, two uncles down. I will likely finish them this week. My next project will be something I have thrown into the Christmas knitting mix that is not at all related to Christmas (just like the LOST scarf...we won't talk about that one). Dwight is have a baby! He might not be the one pushing and birthing, but he's going to be dressing the little person and I think a hat and booties is in order. I think I can knit them up in a weekend if I'm really committed, and I should have enough yarn kickin' around that I don't need to buy any more. The perfect gift.

Pictures of various projects in their respective completed stages will be posted soon. I have nothing else to do now except work, since I FINISHED SCHOOL FOREVER. Just let that one sink in. I don't go to school anymore. I have finished. I am a big girl now. I work 5 days a week, I have two days off every week, and I don't always have to fit something else into my working day after work. I like it so far. I made sure to push for my 40 hours a week since they won't be promoting me any time soon. It wasn't so much of a push as a reason for bossman to have me working as much as I've always wanted to. Hurrah! I like being in my store more, I feel more involved in happenings.

Anonymous and Catherine are headed out to a Ravelry event in T.O. today. Little jealous, I couldn't go because someone needs to work on Sunday night because we don't have enough supervisors for more than one of us to have a day off at a time. They're going rock climbing with other knitters, and most likely shopping for yarn, and knitting. Balls. I will be enjoying the company of the Sundayers (almost as bad a holidayers), who don't know any of our drinks, and join the line when they know the wait will be 10+ minutes. They have nothing else to do on Sunday except come into the bookstore to browse and get a coffee, and at 5:00 they all go home at the same time to make dinner and do laundry. My day will be filled with "Can I just get a REGULAR coffee? Do you even have that?" and "What's the difference between regular hot chocolate and signature hot chocolate?" Enjoy your trip ladies, think of me.

Sunday morning pancakes, dog jog, here I come.



Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rocket phlegm

My dog got adopted. I don't think anyone I know went ahead and took him home, although I urged everyone I knew to go and get him. Now I am sad.

In other news, because of my intense illness last week, I missed a piddley 5% quiz in accounting. Without waddling off to the doctor for a doctor's note, I was unable to write this quiz. I don't know about you, dear reader, but I don't run off to the doctor every time I'm sick, unless I am sick with a sickness I can't identify, and I certainly don't pay $15 for someone else to confirm that I am sick. In conclusion, because I was not the only one who missed the quiz, and because Diane is clearly proving a point, the best I can hope for without a note is to answer a few bonus questions on the final exam. Diane was also quick to point out that answering all the questions correctly will only potentially earn you 55% on that quiz worth 5%. As her best student, I am taking a stand and NOT getting a doctor's note. I will easily finish that course with a fine mark, and the quiz she decided to play teacher's politics with won't matter. In your face Diane, no one likes you.

Earth day is next week. Bring your personal mug to Starbucks on April 22 and get a "free" tall pike place roast. Nothing is really free, you'll pay for it later I'm sure.

Have a happy Tuesday my loves. Today is the last time I have to serve or cook in that awful dining room. And if Jean Paul thinks we will sit through another one of his 20 minute rehash-the-night "meetings" he is mistaken.



Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bob Barker clearly hates puppies

I love puppies. I want a house full of puppies. And as Jen so perfectly put it today, I want enough puppies that I can scoop them up, cuddle them, then roll around in them. I love puppies, but I don't actually want a puppy. All the things I don't like about babies also apply to puppies, except they aren't entirely useless and they can move around on their own. I think puppies are a little bit more like irritating toddlers and/or 5 year old children, which are my least favourite ages of children. Ugh, awful. In my dog seeking, I came across this lovely specimen at the Cambridge Humane Society:
He is beautiful, and I want him. They have called him Chupa, which is a name that makes me think of those awful lollipops you used to find in your halloween haul - I never ate them. I would name this dog Greedo (Star Wars reference, hardcore). He is still at the humane society after at least 3 weeks. For a while he was the only one there, but now he has been joined by a funny looking basset hound. I almost think there must be something wrong with him, but I went to see him in person and he looked alright. The lady I talked to about him said he has some dog dominance issues, and since I have two other dogs, all my animals would have to come to the shelter for a "meet and greet" to make sure they don't hate each other. I love him. I think he is exactly the kind of dog I want to sit in the front seat of my smart car. I give you the following mathematical support, crudely drawn in Paint:
But since I cannot have him (already have 2 dogs in my house, father would literally kill me, etc), I urge someone else who loves a good dog to go and get him.

No knitting party tonight at the bux, we're taking a week off. I need to finish my first set of uncle Christmas mittens by sewing in all the ends, then its on to another set of the exact same mittens.