Sunday, December 27, 2009

The cast from Glee sings it all!

Merry Christmas readers! A few knitting related pictures to post following my merriest Christmas to date. 
My latest interest – spinning my own yarn!  This is the learn to spin kit from Lily Lee’s Wool and Tea on King Street in Preston
The raw wool, in a beautiful orange, still with bits of sheep attached
A close-up of my new learning spinner thinger
My guide to learning the fine art of spinning
I’m trying out the blog feature included with Windows 7 on my new laptop.  I bought myself a Dell in early December, and I’m still getting used to its many weird and different features from Windows XP.  I don’t even have to log into Blogger to update my blog, so perhaps that means I’ll update a little more frequently.

I spent my precious Christmas baking hours making handcrafted gingerbread baristas for my two favourite starbucks stores.  They are surrounded by a ring of brown sugar buttons, which are my favourite cookie of all time.  I delivered them on Christmas day, and both stores were lined up to the door.  Terrible.  I chose to not buy anything at Starbucks on Christmas – I don’t want to encourage them to be open next year. 
My newest post-Christmas knitting project is a little baby sweater from vintage baby knits.  It is the only knitting pattern I’ve ever used where I have the same yarn the pattern recommends.  I didn’t even mean to do it, I just picked something up at Shall We Knit because it was on sale in the summer, and it turned out to be the same stuff in the book.  Neato.  I worked on it at Fuzzyhead’s extended family Christmas last night, and had to fight off allegations of baby-having.  Terrible.  No babies please.  They can start hassling the 30-something cousin and leave me alone.
I leave you with this dear readers: A little bit of Christmas dog, featuring Sassy and Oscar.

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