Thursday, November 12, 2009

Trampoline is a not a substitute for parent supervision

I am trying to be a better dog person. I have taken Oscar and Sassy out for a walk every day since Oscar arrived. I'm trying really hard to keep this up, I know it is best for their dog brains if I establish my pack leader abilities every day to keep them in line. I'm also trying to smoosh their faces together to make them lifelong friends. Right now they don't really enjoy each others' company, but Sassy likes Oscar more than she ever liked Tammy's puppy. I have them both on the spare bed in my office/crap storage room. They have a solid 2 feet of space between them, and it's all Sassy's doing. Oscar would love to cuddle and be friends with everyone; Sassy just needs a push in the right direction.

Made pink lady squares with Purple this morning. Wish we had done them last night, they really didn't get quite enough time to set. The coconut layer has to bake, then cool completely to stick all the layers together, then you ice with pink icing, and cut into squares. The graham crumbs kind fell off some, but I think Purple was very pleased. She was taking her squares to share with the teachers at her school for a pot luck lunch.

Two more Starbucks days to go readers. My last day will be filled with small children and parade things. I think I am sampling all day to the crowds, and I plan on wearing reindeer antlers and or a Santa hat, just because I can. The drive-thru will be completely closed during parade time since no cars can get in or out of the parking lot. I'm glad. I won't miss drive-thru.

Sourcing out a new laptop for work and general use. I am not a Toshiba fan, it has let me down too many times. I will keep the clunker I have for a bit longer, as I don't have any money set aside for a new laptop right now. I'm leaning towards a Dell. Diaper Dan says good things about them, and I can customize it with all the things I need. I'll be carting my laptop back and forth to work, using it to store pictures and type proposals for customers. Eeeee, big girl job!

How soon is too soon to send out Christmas cards? I found a good deal on some really cute ones and I am psyched to send them to everyone I know. I think I need to wait until December to send them, yes? Feedback please.



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