Saturday, March 13, 2010

Troll hair

Knitting updates!  DSC01678 DSC01679  DSC01680
I have learned to spin, as mentioned in other posts, and two weeks ago we learned how to card!  Tamster bought me some hand carders for my birthday (very belated by the way, my birthday was in January and I received my gift in March).  Our homework from spinning class was to first of all spin the primary colours (from roving that was already dyed that we bought at Lily Lee’s).  Then the next week we mixed the roving to make secondary colours (see pictures above).  We spun those up, and then moved on to make tertiary colours.  The assignment was to make a colour wheel.  I’ve carded almost all of my tertiary colours, and I’m not sure how I want to present my final colour wheel.  Our instructor made simple leaves out of each colour and sewed them to a black square.  I think it would be super cute to make 12 little baby skeins to attach to some kind of background.  I love spinning!
My primary colours, spun, washed, and looking cute
My original handspun, with my primary colours, and my adorable sock project bag which happens to be a perfect size for spinning in progress.  My first handspun has now been dyed and I’m deciding what to make with it.
Also, I now live with Fuzzyhead, and this is my knitting corner, conveniently located in the living room for easy access to knitting while watching TV.
Thanks for checking in readers, I think I’ll be having a knitting and spinning day.