Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sizing up the competition

Happy New Year my dear readers!  The holidays are over, and I’ve changed my desktop pictures from festive holiday reminders to sweet sweet Avatar backgrounds.  I loved that movie.  It was a great combination of two movies I already loved – Pocahontas and FernGully. 
I want to own this movie, and so I wanted to be reminded of its awesome every time I opened my laptop.
In knitting news, Catherine, Anonymous and I are joining forces in a knit along!  We are going to start work on a triangular shawl called Bitterroot, which can be knitted as a great big giant shawl, or a smaller shawlette.  I am opting for the smaller one, as this is my first shawl experience.  I bought yarn yesterday from Yarn Indulgences at the Kitchener Market:
This is the same variety of yarn that Catherine chose.  I was aiming for an orange/rust colour, but given my choices, I decided on this lovely red.  I think it will be quite fetching with red beads along the edge.  I think I’ll fiddle around with the gauge later tonight, so I can start with Catherine tomorrow at Knit and Chat. 
At the same time, I am working away on a baby sweater for Tam Tam’s future kids.  I bought the yarn in the summer from Shall We Knit, and it’s been sitting in my yarn basket for too long.  I love making little things, and a whole sweater for a mini person is such a satisfying project, even if (hopefully) Tam Tam having kids is a far off thing.
My progress so far:
The back and sides are knitted together at the same time for a cute cardigan-style hoodie.  Sleeves and hood to be knitted separately and sewn on later.
I also made and finished a pair of thrummed mittens without much fuss or showing off…until now!
Bam!  Look at those fluffy things.  They keep my hands nice and warm, although driving with them on is a little tricky.  The outside of them gets nice and fluffy too, and the thrums catch on things sometimes and a little tuft gets pulled out.  I think it’s still in the settling down stage, where the innards are matting themselves together and the outters are doing the same. 
Starting back to work tomorrow after a nice long weekend.  We’ve got mega planning and organizing to do this month before we move the business to a building.  Our move-in date is February 1, and we plan to open the doors at the new store on February 8.  We’ll still do all our regular stuff (corporate breakfast and lunch drop-off, weddings, private parties, etc) but we’re also adding a daily breakfast and lunch to-go only business in the lovely storefront.  My next few weeks will be spent costing, writing standard production sheets, and planning everything to do with the storefront.  I leave for Disneyworld on January 22, so I need to put in my share of work before then.
Happy knitting readers, see ya next time

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Dan said...

I'm glad you loved Avatar. I'm also looking forward to Disney with you.