Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Headphones to match

Hello lovies! I have news! Wonderful KnitPicks news! Yesterday, my long-awaited package of goodies I ordered from KnitPicks arrived! Watch as I unpack each delicious item:

All pictures were taken in Slim Jim's room, spare arms seen in the background belong to Diaper Dan, Slim Jim's beau.

Immediately after opening all my new toys, I got right to work, winding balls of sock yarn for easy pull-from-the-centre convenience, blocking socks, gearing up for chart-reading fun, storing notions, etc

Slim Jim's birthday also fell on July 28 and I suppose my gifts arriving in the mail was not the real highlight of the day - I also made her a bitchin' "coffee" cake! Observe!

The handle is made of cardboard and covered in icing. The cake is rainbow chip box cake (Slim Jim's favourite), lemon curd filling, and purple supersweet icing.

New green headphones to match my green ipod. I am the most pathetic ipod owner ever. I really only bought it for dog-jogs and walks with Sassy, I occasionally pop it on when washing dishes or doing housework/writing blogs (like now). My music selection barely takes up 3 GB of its 8GB memory. I think one day I would like one of those ipod docks that plays your music, so I don't have to get caught up in the strings while I'm working around the house.

Fuzzyhead bought a fish tank today - 10 whole gallons of fish fun will be had on Friday when he can finally put fish in it. I helped add the water. I would also like to help name his new little school of fishies - my vote is for Star Wars names.

Three pairs of socks done. Just finished the lacey lady socks for Tam Tam (finished these while babysitting. If you know me at all, that's just funny). The lacey lady socks are waiting their turn with my new sock blockers. In the meantime, last night I start Dad's manly man socks - plain beige, but with a tasteful and manly cable pattern from my toe-up sock book.

Saw Kill Bill volumes 1 and 2 last night - not impressed. I really didn't enjoy it, and I'm glad I didn't get sucked into the Kill Bill frenzy in high school. Fight scenes and car chases are boring, and the second movie was slower than slow. If you enjoy this movie, keep it to yourself, because I will make fun of you.

Must prepare for knitting tonight - Purple is joining us again, and so is B.wyn's sister and maybe even B.wyn herself. Of all nights, Catherine may not be coming today, or might only be stopping by for a little while (she's entertaining a non-knitting friend tonight). Come on team, we're so close to having a real weekly group!



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