Sunday, May 3, 2009

Get up and Go-Go

Good morning my lovelies!

It is Sunday morning, I am awake before everyone else. I am thinking about a dog jog before the day has the potential to get warm. I am also thinking about knitting projects and the things I should be accomplishing. I am on to the second pair of mittens for the year of knitting Christmas presents, two uncles down. I will likely finish them this week. My next project will be something I have thrown into the Christmas knitting mix that is not at all related to Christmas (just like the LOST scarf...we won't talk about that one). Dwight is have a baby! He might not be the one pushing and birthing, but he's going to be dressing the little person and I think a hat and booties is in order. I think I can knit them up in a weekend if I'm really committed, and I should have enough yarn kickin' around that I don't need to buy any more. The perfect gift.

Pictures of various projects in their respective completed stages will be posted soon. I have nothing else to do now except work, since I FINISHED SCHOOL FOREVER. Just let that one sink in. I don't go to school anymore. I have finished. I am a big girl now. I work 5 days a week, I have two days off every week, and I don't always have to fit something else into my working day after work. I like it so far. I made sure to push for my 40 hours a week since they won't be promoting me any time soon. It wasn't so much of a push as a reason for bossman to have me working as much as I've always wanted to. Hurrah! I like being in my store more, I feel more involved in happenings.

Anonymous and Catherine are headed out to a Ravelry event in T.O. today. Little jealous, I couldn't go because someone needs to work on Sunday night because we don't have enough supervisors for more than one of us to have a day off at a time. They're going rock climbing with other knitters, and most likely shopping for yarn, and knitting. Balls. I will be enjoying the company of the Sundayers (almost as bad a holidayers), who don't know any of our drinks, and join the line when they know the wait will be 10+ minutes. They have nothing else to do on Sunday except come into the bookstore to browse and get a coffee, and at 5:00 they all go home at the same time to make dinner and do laundry. My day will be filled with "Can I just get a REGULAR coffee? Do you even have that?" and "What's the difference between regular hot chocolate and signature hot chocolate?" Enjoy your trip ladies, think of me.

Sunday morning pancakes, dog jog, here I come.




Anonymous said...

We did think of you, I promise. I wish you could have come as well. We are thinking we should plan another trip, for knit in public day in June. I think the purple purl is planning on hosting some sort of shenanigans. Another trip is in order!

Anonymous said...

Make sure you use really soft wool that's made for knitting for babies, their skin is extra sensitive and normal wool could give them a rash!