Sunday, May 10, 2009

Just coffee

Good morning team!

It is Sunday morning again, and again I am working up to the right mindset to go for my dog jog. It's a little chilly out today, but I'll go in the next hour, once breakfast is digested. The big dog is having hip problems again, but I haven't seen her limping along on our walks yet. I try not to go too fast for her, and we balance out all the jogging with walking. Other dog is fine with everything, except she poops on every walk, usually more than once.

Saw Star trek last night. As someone who has never really seen the original series (or cared much about it for that matter) I enjoyed the movie as a movie. I understood the references to the quirky character things they all did, and it's always nice to see a movie that explains how things happened and where they came from. I did not like the Elvis look-a-like sitting behind us who talked through the entire movie. His comments were mega lame too, I think I could have been a little more understanding if he was at least making intelligent observations. A sampling of his chatter:

(reading the titles on screen) "Iowa!"
"Oh! That's gunna leave a mark! But he's got so many other scars on his face, he won't notice!"

Fuzzy-head even turned around at one point and asked them to stop talking. One of his friends stopped (or at least switched to whispering), but Elvis was quiet for a moment then continued chatting away. I don't understand how you can be as old as he was and not know that you don't talk during a movie.

Slim Jim saw the same movie, but instead of obnoxious people, her theatre smelled like unwashed nerd. I think the true die-hards come out to star trek movies. The much more awesome Star Wars adventures at least had normal-ish people in the theatre.

Before the star trek adventure of the day, Fuzzy-head and I went to the farmer's market. I found a lovely sock yarn for grandpa's Christmas socks at the Shall We Knit? stand. It's blue-grey-brown coloured (very manly) and I found a neutral looking sock, worked from the toe down. I am eager to start work on them. I didn't have needles with me at Fuzzy-head's house so I had to settle for rolling the yarn into balls. Fuzzy-head had to hold his arms out and keep my yarn from getting tangled. That ridiculous and expensive contraption that rolls yarns into balls for you seems like a worthwhile investment.

Going for a dog jog now,



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Knit Picks has ball winders for cheaper than anywhere else! I'd be up for an order from them if you wanted to save on shipping. Just sayin'.