Friday, June 19, 2009

Thinking cozy in June

Helloooooo blog readers! Are there any of you out there? Get ready to be updated on my life:


My most current project, a Christmas present for my mom. This self-striping yarn came from Romni Wools about a month ago. I'm on a serious sock-kick (HA! funny, sock and kick). Before these socks, I finished a pair for my grandpa from yarn I bought at Shall We Knit's booth at the St. Jacob's farmer's market. I knew I could find yarn from a farmer's market. Fuzzy-head just wanted produce, but I'm always on the look-out for yarn. The following pictures were taken during Fuzzy-head's graduation ceremony from college. As a good girlfriend, I was there to watch supportive-ly from the balcony and take pictures, but as a good knitter, I took the opportunity to knit in public. Spread the good word people!

In other knitting news, I love my mother for belonging to a craft book club where they harass her monthly to purchase books, because then I get great finds like these:

I have only briefly flipped through these two - I only just tore open the box when I came home 20 minutes ago. I am VERY excited to find the perfect next sock pattern for the yarn I already bought for socks. I am also excited for whoever is fortunate enough to have a baby next - you're getting hand-knitted baby things from me. On that note, the updated Christmas knitting list is as follows:

Grandpa - very manly traditional man socks - DONE
Grandma - Over-the-top tea cozy and french press cozy
Uncles - Flippy-top mittens in manly tweed - DONE
Aunt - undecided still, maybe socks?
Great aunt - something lady-like and pretty for an old British lady (and light, for cheap shipping)
Momma - self-striping socks as pictured above - 3/4 DONE
Daddy - Manly man socks in a colour that perfectly matches his pants (boring beige)
Tam Tam - pinky-purple girlie socks
Fuzzy-head - green/blue/brown socks in a manly pattern as selected by himself

I have also graduated from college, I have a big girl job in the sense that I work 40 hours a week, but I am still paid hourly. My promotion is in the works, I have heard promising rumours about incompetent managers. Soon my pretties, soon. BUT, as a way to keep me quiet while I wait, I start coffee master training on Monday. I'm gunna look so hot in that black apron.

It's 5:00 lovies, I have laundry, knitting, and dinner to accomplish.



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Anonymous said...

Great choices on the books! I seriously need to get my act in gear and take some more in-progress photos. I've been really slacking in the photography department lately!