Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am the pack leader

First, we will begin with the pictures from my evening at school. My theme was "comfort food upgraded". All things considered, I think the day went off well. There were some hiccups, and I'm pretty sure my teacher had me pegged for failure as soon as I said 'communal seating', but things turned out fine for me. I was pleased with all my little decor touches, although I never heard any positive feedback about that from my teacher. This just proves once again that he is a horrible teacher, and he is not capable of saying anything to encourage my learning.

The display table set up in the hallway for our guests to stare at until I let them into the dining room. My table featured the cocktails and mocktails of the day, and a little kitschy decor I brought from home.

A close up of the drinks of the day (from left to right): Shirley temple, cherry cola float, bee's knees, and lemon drop.

The communal table. In your face Jean-Paul.

And in knitting, your hero had a disappointing setback with her doubleknitted scarf for fuzzy head. It was so freaking huge by the time I finished the first logo, I could not continue working on it happily. The following are the proud in-progress pictures, followed by the frogging pictures that made me sad.

Now I have restarted the scarf, but this time I'm just knitting in a round, to make a double-thick scarf. I'm still following the idea of having a reversible scarf - one set of colours on one side, and the reverse of those colours on the other side.

And finally, on a more personal note, I am completely in love with Dexter. I watched the first two seasons in a week, and I will soon catch up on season 3. I must thank the fuzzy headed boy for introducing me to such a fantastic show, although anything on HBO is going to be good because they don't try to hide the boobs and swears.

Until we meet again my lovelies,



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