Sunday, April 13, 2008

my very first blog. oh man. let me start by defining what i hope this space will be for me. i hope to express my frustrations with life and everything in it, and to share the good things too. this will be a place to publish my self-reflections, so i can look back on them and maybe learn something. i also plan to share my knitting journeys, my projects both great and small, and my upcoming ideas for things to do.

had my dining room meeting with jean-paul this week, he figured we should know where we stand going into "exams". i'm doing better than expected, but he suggested i keep a journal of my dining room thoughts: things i think i did well, things to work on, etc, so i can keep track of how i'm doing. as lame as a journal about service seems, i really liked that idea, and i'm running with it. i only have 2 more weeks of service left, but i have a whole summer of co-op to practice my skills. i think i'll also use this space to discuss my growth towards management material. i'm working on it.

knitting meeting coming up on tuesday. super excited. i've been hyping this one up to all my coworkers, and i'm expecting a decent turn-out. i'm finishing the baby sweater very soon. last night i completed all the baby sweater parts, and tonight we sew! i hate finishing projects, tying in ends and doing nice careful stitches. but it's such a small project, it's not really that much work. as for project the next, i have a few to choose from. i have yarn and patterns to make some felted stuffed animals (first felting projects, woo!), and a cotton market bag. will look over patterns and start something new tomorrow.

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