Saturday, September 13, 2008

Plan your escape route now

Stopped by the ol' workplace on my way to a job today (more on that later), and I saw Catherine. She was most upset about missing the knitting adventures going on today. Anonymous went though, she will have to tell us about it in vivid detail so we can imagine we were there. Kinda wish I could have gone, but I chose to work instead (in my defence, I was told about this knitting fair after I agreed to work). I usually choose work over life, I hate me. The worst part is I know I will forever be a little workaholic. I will not change, this is one of the fundamental things about me. Hear that universe? You can't make me change, and even if you tried, you can't break my lifelong habits. My co-op is almost finished, which will free up a lot of my time. One more month, one more month....

And now, the job today. I was pimped out by my mom to work as a server for one of our regular server's family event. No details given, no instructions, just directions to the event with a vague timeline, noon to midnight. That's a long time for even a large event. I was really not interested in working 12 hours at any kind of job, but I was trying to optimistic about it.

My little crew of 3 showed up to a farm house around noon, and there were already people setting up the tables and table settings. That's one of the only jobs you really can do when you show up that early for a dinner event. It turns out the event was for a wedding anniversary/birthday, and all day long the jobs we could have been doing as the hired help were done by friends and relatives. It was like being hired to work at your grandmother's Thanksgiving family dinner, but then getting shooed out of the kitchen by all of the catty aunts. The food was all prepared beforehand, we really just had to slice a few things and set them on platters. The dinner food was cooked by a friend of the family, so there goes another job we were qualified to do. The rental items for dinner needed to be washed, so I was a glorified dishwasher for a while. Not even plates though, just cutlery, all the plates were disposables.

So in conclusion, we were not there until midnight, we looked bored and helpless around 8 and asked if there was anything else to do, and there wasn't. Happy to work, all experience is good experience, but knitting would have been kick-ass too.

Baking tomorrow for a coffee tasting for work. I want to wow everyone with an exceptional pairing, and I'll try to work in some of the stuff from my upcoming coffee seminar. Catherine and I will be teaching some Sunday customers about the wonderful world of coffee. More details to come,



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Anonymous said...

Hey Victastic,

looking forward to the meeting? You know I am. Wait, is that what you are baking for? God I hope so. I will take any opportunity to eat delicious baked goods. Also, do you need any more help for the coffee seminar? I'd gladly help.

The fair was rediculous, it's really too bad you could not have come. There were two very large rooms, each with about 30 vendors. When I say vendor, I mean mini-yarn store. Like, the size of Lettuce Knit pretty much. So, there was lots of yarn. Lots of needles. Lots of books. There were some spinning wheels (I lusted). All in all, a very delicious day! There was even one vendor that sold nothing but pre-packaged bags of super on sale yarn, at which you got a great deal as long as you bought the whole bag. The Purple Purl had a booth, and everything they brought was on sale!
I found the latvian mitten book I had been looking for for a while. Sorry you couldn't be there! Maybe after the meeting we could see if there is a good day for starwars knitathon.