Saturday, May 31, 2008

All that glitters is gold

Knitting field trip is planned! Wednesday we will be hitting up Toronto for all it's knitting glory. Still ironing out all the details, but it looks like we'll be taking the train in, and hopping on public transit to get to all our sweet knitting destinations. Itinerary to come soon. My votes for knitting shops are based purely on how catchy the name is. I vote for Lettuce Knit.

Speaking of knitting, still working on my felted bag, and it's coming along nicely. It's taken on a blob shape, which I hope felts itself out. I'll be working on it at S&B on Tuesday, which I'm totally excited about. I have to open on that day, so I hope I'm not super tired by 7pm.

Have an entire weekend off. That's right, both Saturday AND Sunday, just like real people! To accomplish this, I had to work more than me feet could handle over 3 days. I closed on Wednesday (took a shift to help out a fellow coworker), opened on Thursday (I didn't realize that by taking the closing shift, I would also be opening the next morning. Stupid, stupid, stupid), worked a party for my mom Thursday night (where I totally rocked serving a seated meal. Marcus has forever kept me out of the dining room except for canape service, and I showed him. His cutesy nose ring server can't carry as many plates as I can, bahahahaha! I go to school for this stuff, clearly I should be practicing my skills on real paying customers). I got to leave that party at 9:30 as soon as dinner was over, but if I had my way, I would have been in bed at 7:30. Friday morning greeted me with another open at 5:15. I got to leave a measly 45 minutes early, and went directly to the boy's house for a snappy. But because of my foolish decisions to help out my fellow man, I no longer have to work Sunday, which makes me a very happy camper. Today the boy and I are having a picnic, maybe cruise down to the local library for some tom foolery. He works tonight at 5, so I will zip home in my zippy smart, knit for a while, do some laundry, and live it up. HA! Sunday it's back to work to get in those 30 hours for co-op, but I'm totally cool with that, I had a whole day off!

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