Saturday, May 17, 2008

Take a freakin' sample

I heart my smart. I love how tiny it is, I love the stares I get, I love the small children who stand and point at it in parking lots. Smart ownership has me hooked. I saw another smart parked in the lot at work today, I wanted to ask the owner to move it closer to mine so my smart could make some smart friends.

Started the co-op thing, working on a million things all at once. For the most part, my job right now is learning the new computer system. But I'm also invoicing as a result of my knowledge of said system because no one else can figure out how to use it to create invoices which is why we got it in the first place. Ugh. I also thought we got it to streamline our process from new client calling in to filing away their first paid invoice. Not so. The old by-hand ways are not slipping into fond memory, they are very much alive. Manually entering numbers I've already entered into TWO SEPARATE computer systems boggles my mind, but my mother just can't trust a computer.

Work riddle: what is hot most of the time but will always look the same whether it is piping hot or cold? the baking stone in the oven of course! Held parchment still with my finger while I wrestled with the tongs to get something out of the oven. I learned my lesson; ovens are hot.

Knitting news: finished the market bag, I am on a knitting roll. I now use my super sweet bag to cart around my junk from home to work. It nicely holds a change of clothes, a book or two, and a box of tea.

Working on another bag, another felting project to fuel my habit. That musty sheep smell haunts my dreams, I need to have the aroma of wet wool around me again. My next project might be a blanket, I found some ravelry patterns I really enjoyed today while I was waiting for The Office to load. Ps the Office was fantastic, and I hope I never miss a full week of my favourite shows again. It took me a good 2 hours to catch up on everything online, and that's not including the wait time for terrible links.

On a related side note, I thought about calling that update "knitting knews" but it looked funny and I thought it was kind of lame...but then I thought someone might think it was mildly clever and then I thought it was worth mentioning.

Going to sleep now, deep clean in the am with SMAC. We're scrubbing the garbage bins by hand. Who needs a hose when you've got elbow grease?

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