Saturday, November 1, 2008

Scientific literature doesn't make for a real page-turner

Behold! Halloween awesome adventures with me and Fuzzy-head! The pumpkin carving adventures took place on October 30, as I had to work on Halloween night. We watched Sweeny Todd and Hocus Pocus. I tried real hard to rent Hocus Pocus, but my local Blockbuster thinks they are too good to carry the best Halloween movie ever. I also hate Blockbuster because they literally carry a wall full of every HORRIBLE new release, but one copy of each of the classic, awesome movies I actually wanted to watch. AND, the girl at the counter didn't even know what Hocus Pocus was when I asked if they had it. ???! I bet she wasn't even alive in 1993 when that gem of a movie was made.

My delicious Yoda pumpkin. Please don't give me all the credit, I used a pattern I found on the interweb.

Orc and Yoda! Together at last!




Dan said...

An orc would try to eat Yoda.

Tyler said...

Ahh, and Orc. I see now.
Yoda looks good too.
Chandler from my lab also watched Sweeny Todd for Hallowe'en interestingly enough.

Tyler said...

Every time I see Victoria comment on something I think of those vulture-like Tanar'i. Vrocks will forever be that to me, I'm sorry.

Dan said...

Silly Tyler, Victoria has no idea what a "Vrock" is and this will probably lead to her losing her immortal soul to one.