Monday, November 25, 2013

The bees are everywhere!

Back in September, I spent my morning at Culture Days at Joseph Schneider Haus, readers.  Ever been?  The K-W Knitters' Guild was there in all of our knitting glory, promoting our guild, our craft, and hopefully teaching a few people how to knit.

A quick confession before we get too far in to this.  I completely forgot about this on my calendar until half an hour before I was supposed to be there.  I had agreed to spend the morning at the booth, and then trade off when other people arrived around lunch time.  My shift was 10-1ish, and at 9:30, when I was typing up a blog post and sipping my morning coffee on a lazy Sunday morning, I checked my phone to see what time I was working the next day and saw a flash of "Schneider" on the screen.  I put my phone down and carried on my merry way, and then sat straight up and probably said a swear as I realized what that meant.

I hauled ass to get ready and pull together a bunch of samples for the table.  I was out the door just before 10am, and was on track to arrive downtown around 10:15.  I rushed into the parking lot across the street, and speed walked over to the building.  Aaaaaaaaaaand there was no one there, and nothing set up yet.  Then I saw that the hours of operation on Sunday are 1-5pm.  Hmm.  Let's put this all together now.  I know that I was asked to be there at 10, and I agreed to be there at 10.  So....where was everyone?  There was another lady standing around looking equally confused, so I took the initiative and went inside to see if I could find someone.  I found people right away, and it looked like we were the first ones there as they were finishing the set-up.  Someone brought over a table and a couple chairs for our tent, and I set out my samples.

  Around 10:30, my morning shift partner arrived with the Guild banner, and I had some company.

I think we must have had some wires crossed about why it was necessary to be there at 10/10:30 when the event didn't start until 1pm.  We didn't have much to set up, and we really just ended up knitting and chatting and seeing what the other booths were up to.  When I left at 1:00, a few more Guild people had arrived, and I entirely missed interacting with the visitors.  Oh well.

The day was lovely, it was bright and sunny, and I hope that the Guild got some great exposure from the event.  I would definitely volunteer with this event again, hopefully during a time when the public is actually there.



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