Saturday, March 1, 2014

In like a lamby lion

 I've picked up work on the Polar Bear Chullo again, my darlings, and I'm quite pleased with the progress.  When I last touched the hat, I was getting concerned that it was slightly too big for a normal-sized head (specifically, the head of a Slim Jim).  I didn't pick up the project for a good month as I stewed and thought about whether I should keep trucking or rip it back and start again.  Since this hat has LOTS of colourwork, and I change at least one of the colours every other row, I wasn't interested in pulling it apart and having a million little cut strands of yarn to sort out.  Instead, I took the lazy knitter's route and dropped my needle size down to 2.0mm from 2.25mm about an inch into the brim of the hat.  I also know that there are decreases coming up soon, and any extra floppiness about the bottom edge will be a fun design feature I included, and the hat should still stay on her head without any trouble.

Here's where I am as of this morning.  I did everything from the top row of the centre purple pieces (about where the top of the purple cable from my needle sits) yesterday, and that's where I made the needle size change.  I barely notice it, so Slim Jim surely won't, and a good blocking will cure what ails me.

I especially love that I'm on the polar bears now.  Look at those little polar bear feet!!

And it most definitely fits as a hat, although my head is abnormally large and it's still on the needles.  I know I look silly.

The one row per day socks are proving to be a bit of a chore.  Every time in the last month when I thought of what I could knit, my thoughts went like this: "I could work on the polar bear hat?  No, I'm afraid I have to rip that baby apart.  What about hexipuffs?  Naw, I'm getting a little bored of those right now, I've been picking up that project every day as my go-to for the last few weeks.  I should start a new project, I don't feel like I have enough variety in my current projects.  OH WAIT!  I have those socks I'm supposed to be working on."  Every time.

They're not hard, they're not tricky, they're not too easy.  I enjoy knitting them just fine, but it's the "you can only do one row per day" part that is tripping me up.  Every time I think about working on it, I know I'll just be packing it away in a few minutes and having to pick up another project.  I find myself leaving it to the end of my week (Wednesday was my start day, so my goal is to always have the week's worth of required knitting done by Wednesday) to crank out all 7 rows.  I like this system a lot better.

Despite all that, I still forced myself to catch up yesterday, and here are the missing recaps from February:

February 12:

February 19:

February 26:

And I went ahead and caught myself to the exact day I should be on, which also conveniently took me to the end of the month so I could place another marker:

What's up, March!



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