Thursday, February 6, 2014

The fabulous Sun Sphere

Here comes a speed post for you, readers.  I just whipped off all 7 rows that I owed you this morning, and here is the update for this week to catch me up. 

I feel like I'm always falling behind on this project.  It's more difficult than I thought to pick it up and just do one row per day.  With any other project I've ever done, I wouldn't just do one row; I would knit while I watch a show or a movie, or to get to a certain point in the pattern.  Limiting myself to one row per days has lead to me picking up other projects instead of the one I should be doing.  Bad vrock, bad.

I added a marker for the January 31st row, so that I would have an easier time tracking where I was.  When I picked it up this morning, I spent way too long trying to figure out where I left off.

It's also handy for seeing what one month of knitting looks like.



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