Sunday, February 2, 2014

Feeding crackers to your robot head

Solidly into the main part of the leg pattern now, readers.  I have a feeling that the updates for the next few post will be very similar.  Maybe I should start holding it up to an object for measuring the growth each week.  When I got a puppy when I was 12, we took a picture of her every week next to the same stool to see how much she grew.  While doing the same thing with my sock might not be as adorable (that's up for debate), I think it might keep things interesting.

Here's the non-exciting update for this week:

I've kept the Polar Bear Chullo in the dark this week, and I've been working more on my hexipuffs.  It's so satisfying to finish each little one during an episode of American Horror Story.  I finished 3 or 4 of them yesterday (and Netflix asked me at least three times if I still wanted to keep watching my show.  Don't judge me, Netflix!  I'll watch four continuous hours of TV if I want to).  

Most of the rainbow-y coloured ones were done yesterday, and today I emptied out all of my jars of little tiny leftover sock yarn balls from old projects.  Now my project bag is full of new colours to play with, and I've got to start thinking of a formal place to store all my hexipuffs.  With our basement still in a state of chaos from the flood/leak in January, my crafting world is spread all over the basement in the wrong places.  It makes me itchy to think of my stuff being out of order downstairs, so I've avoided going down there for craft reasons.  The rec room will likely be put back together in the spring, once we have a good solid thaw (and probably lots of rain) to confirm that the basement is solid, then the flooring goes back down, and my craft corner can be recreated.  That's still a long way off (today is February 1st, and we just got a fresh dump of snow last night), so I'm avoiding for now.  The hexipuffs are currently living on my living room coffee table, and there they shall stay.



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