Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cool Runnings

Almost a week late with a post, but I'm on track with the daily knitting!  I'm on to the real patterned part of Harvest Dew now, I made it passed the ribbing.

Maybe difficult to see at this point in the project, but I've got slipped stitches every third stitch.  You can see it in the picture above - the dark blue stitches on my current row are the ones I slipped.  After three rows of this, I get to shift the pattern over and repeat for three more rows.  With the very strong striping of this yarn, I'm thinking this will be a nice effect.  We'll see as things progress!

In my last post, I shared all my new upcoming projects to be done with my latest Knit Picks order, and I'm already making solid progress on my Polar Bear Chullo for Slim Jim.

Here is an earflap:

And in fact, I have two of them!  And they're attached together in the very beginnings of a hat!

After making each earflap separately (and doing the colourwork back and forth on a FLAT piece, changing one or both colours every row, UGH), I cast on the additional in-between stitches and started making a hat.

I'm about an inch into the brim of the hat, and the colourwork isn't tricky or difficult or anything, because it's worked in the round, the way it should be.

I definitely made a goof on the foundation round of the pattern, where the placement of the white stitches would help me with all future rows of pattern.  I thought I had it right, then when I came back around on the next row to the last 1/3 of the foundation row I realized I was off with my colours, so I painstakingly unknit and fixed my colour mistakes as I came up to them, then knitted the next things I needed.  And on the third time around, thinking I had fixed it, I realized there were still errors.  Rather than rip it all back and start again, I trucked on and accepted the few little slip-ups of white stitches on the light purple.  They're subtle and I've fixed it now with the major pattern placement, so I'm leaving it.

I've also discovered that my hat is turning out a touch bigger than I was hoping.  I'm tempted to rip everything out and try again, but I might just try slipping down a needle size and see if that tightens things up.  I've only done about an inch, so maybe that would fix it?

I've kind of set this one aside as a backburner project when I'm in the mood for something fiddley, so I've picked up my hexipuff quilt pieces a lot in the last week as an easy no-brainer project.  What's that you ask?  What's a hexipuff blanket?

It's this!

Tons and tons of little puffy hexagons all knitted separately and tacked together to form a knitted quilt.  This is the Beekeeper's Quilt by TinyOwlKnits, and I love it.

I always keep those little micro balls of leftover sock yarn after a project, and until now, I've just been stashing them in a clear glass jar as decoration.  Now I can do something useful with them, so every pair of socks I've ever made can be represented in blanket form.  I have enough of some yarns to make multiple little puffs, and some will only make one, but this is going to a project that keeps going for a long time.

This is my progress so far:

I'm up to about 4 or 5 now, but it's a far cry from what I'm guessing will be the hundreds I need to finish a blanket.

Today is Wednesday and this is last week's update, so maybe I'll get my act together and share this week's update tomorrow.  If you believe in me, I'm sure I can make it happen.



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