Wednesday, January 1, 2014

One is the lonliest number

Happy New Year, my darling readers!  As promised, here is the first of what will hopefully be weekly posts about my progress on the One Row Per Day Socks.  It's already been difficult to just cast on and not go any further.

To begin, I cast on 60 stitches for the small ladies sized, because for every sock I've ever made for myself, 60 stitches is my Goldilocks porridge.  I've never done a gauge swatch for socks (although I do them for anything else that matters), and I always use 2.25mm needles.  For this particular set of socks, I'll be using 2.5mm needles (gasp!) because my two other sets of 2.25 needles are currently in use, and will likely be in use at some point during 2014.  Oh well.  I'm sure it will be fine.

The pattern called for a twisted German cast on, so step one was to look up what that was.  I used this tutorial to get it going, and for anyone who hasn't ever done this cast on before, it's essentially long-tail cast on with an extra flick of the wrist.

Here are my 60 stitches. 

And here they are neatly arranged on 4 needles, with 29 stitches for instep and 31 stitches for the sole. 

And that's all I can do today.  Hmm.  I realize my rules are self-imposed (Fuzzyhead pointed that out to me), but I've decided I will only knit one row per day without working ahead.  I can catch up if I miss a day, but I will not work ahead.  Every Wednesday is my deadline to have completed 7 rows, and to post about my progress. 

As another fun bonus to share with you, I got to start a new folder for all of my 2014 knit pictures.  What a good start to the year.



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