Sunday, August 3, 2008

Eat now or starve

Sunday morning. Not even 9am yet. Working today at 3 until close, followed by a mid shift on holiday Monday. I know holiday weekends, I have previously written about the kind of customer you can expect on a holiday weekend. The Saturday and Sunday are a little different. Most normal weekends bring out the morons. My store is unfortunately next to shopping areas and a movie theatre, and everyday wal-mart quality people make a say trip to the home depot with their son Cody and their little princess Jessica and they stare at the menu board, and pick the drink with a picture (aka the promo drink I outwardly support but think was a terrible drink that just takes us one more step away from real coffee). Then they have to be told to waddle their front-butts down to the other end of the counter to pick up their drinks, since they only come here once in a blue moon and are oblivious to the other customers NOT hovering around the till for drinks. They then push their way to the front of the drink line and ask if every drink I'm putting up belongs to them:
"Is this mine?"
"I'm not sure, what did you order?"
"Oh I don't remember, something with coffee"
"That could be a lot of things, THIS drink is a latte"
"Oh. Well I that's not what I ordered"
"Then this drink is not yours"

And so on and so forth. My other favourite scenario that pops up only on weekends: customer takes the first drink I put up, which is CLEARLY not what they ordered. They waddle away, and the poor customer who actually ordered that drink stands there for a few extra minutes waiting for a drink that will never show up. Sometimes the original moron will return with the drink they grabbed and accuse me of goofing their order. I smile sweetly, ask what they ordered, and tell then they took someone else's drink. "Oh goodness! I feel so foolish! * looks around frantically for the poor soul who is without a drink because of them * Look! I didn't even drink out of it! I just put a whole bunch of extra sweeteners in it, it's still fine."

And so on and so forth.

Planning to book off the next holiday weekend and join the fuzzy-headed boy and his entourage at the cottage. It will be the first holiday weekend I've had off in the last year. I wonder what they will do without me. Perhaps bossman will have to work in my place. Or maybe by then they will find a new minion to do all of their bidding. I cannot be everything for everyone.



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Dan said...

How proud am I that you used the term "front butt." Acknowledging front butts is the first step in avoiding them in the autumn years.

I have something similar that happens at work, usually with frozen yogurt. Someone will order a large raspberry /strawberry and the person after them will get a small strawberry banana. The strawberry raspberry will come up and little miss banana will say to herself "Hey Strawberry, I ordered that" and grab it immediately, beginning to consume it while her thuggy boyfriend waits for his poutine. When the straw/banana comes up I'll offer it around and there will be no takers. Someone will say "I ordered a straw/rasp" and the idiot girl will look up from the half eaten misappropriated yogurt and say oops..

Then I will have to remake a whole fricken yogurt and we all know how pleasant that is and how pleasant I have to pretend to be about the situation.

It happens with poutine and large fries too, all the time.

Cottage will be fun, you wait and see!