Friday, August 22, 2008

Revamping my love affair...

With double pointed needles! A set of 5! I feel so European. And they're bamboo, which only adds to the wonder. Started work on my let it snow mittens (in the fall edition of Vogue Knitting now!). I have learned how to knit with two colours, one in each hand. I am very proud of myself. As Catherine will happily point out to anyone, I'm a thrower and this doesn't translate well to stepping outside of my knitting comfort zone and all-of-a-sudden NOT throwing my yarn. Pictures to follow from this week's knitting meeting and a little knit session of my own with my old friend Olympic coverage.

Sneezing like the dickens lately, I have yet to conclude what late summer pollen-maker keeps me so miserable, but I can't wait for the first frost to kill all the little beasties. I thought the sneezing was from my cotton-angora blend sweater vest (and it may still have something to do with it), but I think it's more likely that I'm just allergic to life.

Working at two backyard parties tomorrow. The one I'm going to is the first party where I have been the main contact person for the client, and I am the one she addresses all her whining emails to. Tracy worries a little bit too much about things, she hired us for a reason, if she wanted to freak out about her party she should have enlisted a friend who cooks to feed her 30 closest friends (they are my favourite alternative to hiring catering professionals).

The Slim Jim left yesterday, and from what I gather, she won't be home anytime soon. I think her plans are to only come home on major holidays, or when she runs out of food. Have a good schooling Slimmers, we'll see you at Christmas.




Anonymous said...

Isn't there just something about double pointed needles? They've worked well for me for mittens, but my socks have always turned out ridden with disappointing ladders, no matter what I do to try and be rid of them. I love those mitts. And great job on learning to colour work with both hands! That's something I have yet to conquer. Every time I try it, it's just excessively slow and uneven so I give up after a time and revert to my old ways. Some day :)

Also, yay anonymous posting!

vrock said...

why hello anonymous poster! i'm so glad my blog has let you contribute! I look forward to hearing more from you