Friday, August 1, 2008

I made a funny

Here we go again. My blog, I am a little bit in love with you, I've proudly shown you off to friends and family alike, and maybe that loyal fan-base will keep the blog fires burning.

Just got back home from a jog, stopped off at Len's to visit the sister thing. I have possibly recruited another member to my S&B, but we'll see if she shows up on Tuesday. So many people hear about my group and say "that's so awesome, I would love to learn how to knit", but unfortunately, they either never show up, or come once, learn to knit, and give up. I think my group needs so more solid knitters/crocheters who are eager to knit in public with others and share their knowledge. That is exactly what my group has become: a small loyal group of awesome people (shout-outs to Renate and Catherine) who meet up to share knitting insider info. I couldn't have completed/started some of my more recent projects without their help. If there are knitters out there who are stuck in a non-knitting rut, join us!

Listening to the fuzzy-headed boy's podcast as I type this. It's almost frustrating because I want to join in his conversation with Tyler, but I clearly can't because they recorded this yesterday. It's just weird because I know both of them. I should be a guest podcaster. See that boys? Invite me to guest podcast.

In working news, one of my underlings complained about me to the bossman, saying I spend too much time in the back room/office. The depth of my frustration cannot be understood by anyone, I am so mad about this. My job as a worker bee keeper involves me running around like a moron to solve all their problems. Some of their problems can be solved from the back room, example: the phone rings and the workers out front won't put two and two together to answer it (or they answer it and immediately pawn off all responsibility on to me), I take over the phone, which leads me to the back for some quiet to listen to the customer on the phone. Another one of my favourite situations is keeping myself informed about the goings on at the bux. I'm one of a small group at my store who actually read the press releases and action items to know what's going with the company/at the store. This is why I can answer all of your questions, because it is my job to be informed and to be a step ahead of you. I get paid a measly $2 more an hour than the lowest new hire, and I am regularly doing 3 times the work. More than anything, I'm irritated that someone thinks I'm not doing my job. I do a better job than so many of my co-workers, and I can almost guarantee the person who thinks I'm not doing my job is someone who doesn't work very hard at all. Frustration. Bossman's improve-on-this-to-be-a-better-leader" solution is to communicate my actions to the team before I go in the back. Example: "Hey team, I'm going to the back for approximately 3 minutes to call around to other stores to get supplies for us to make it through the weekend. Is everyone OK with that?" I like the idea of improving myself through this, but I do not agree with the initial complaint. The worker bees need to understand my position before griping about why I'm not on the floor.

On the plus side, in 2 weeks I will be attending a focus-group-style meeting about my work position with the company, what we think about how the job description measures up to the reality of my work. I love giving feedback. I firmly believe in the comment card and all it stands for. Prepare for some honest feedback Big A.




Dan said...

Guest spots will be created and filled once we have figured out old chestnuts. The quality is iffy with two people, more confuzzles it further.

I'll burn down your underlings if you 'd like?


Thanks for the shout-out. I agree about people wanting to learn to knit but then not showing up... it's poopy. One friend wants to learn to knit just to make mittens, I'm determined to show her if it kills me. And another one of our co-workers mentioned something... and I'm going to not let her forget it... (Steph I think)... lol.

About work, I'm proud of your for standing up for yourself. I agree with your perspective and I also think you were probably right about them being lazy... or ignorant right? lol. Could be a combo in this case... lazy and ignorant.

You still rock my non-hand knitted socks!